Alternatives to Enhance Styles

Enhance Styles is the culmination of its authors’ decades of research and experience in styling websites and dynamic web apps of all shapes and sizes. Every detail has been intentionally considered, and is designed to deliver exceptional performance, reuse, efficiency, and flexibility. It isn’t what all the cool kids are using — yet — but we feel that if you give it a chance, both you and your end users will soon be reaping the benefits.

Having said that, Enhance is fully capable of integrating with whatever styling library you’d like to bring with you, and we welcome you to do so!


Any CSS framework or preexisting library that compiles down to CSS can be used by writing the framework’s CSS bundle to the public directory. After including that CSS bundle in your head component, you’ll be able to use that CSS from anywhere in your Enhance application.

We’ve written a number of guides for integrating with popular CSS frameworks, and some points of consideration for each. These can also be used as rough guidelines for other CSS frameworks.

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