404 and 500 Error Pages

Errors happen. You can add custom pages to respond to 404 and 500 type errors by adding a 404.html or 404.mjs, and 500.html or 500.mjs files to the /pages directory. If no user-defined pages are found enhance will respond with a basic error message.

If there is a relevant error message it is added as an attribute passed to the state of the 404.mjs. The function signature is the same as any other component including the html function and the initial state as state. The state property will be undefined.

export default function FourOhFour({ html, state }) {
  const { error } = state.attrs

  return html`
      <h1>Not Found - 404</h1>
      <h2>Sorry we can't find that.</h2>
      <p>${error && error}</p>

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